Web hosting

Shared web hosting by dcensy

Shared hosting

Web hosting accounts sharing single physical server.

  • check_circlePowered by Apache + Nginx reverse proxy web server
  • check_circlePlesk control panel
  • check_circleNative Plesk web app installer
  • check_circleSSD storage
  • check_circleWeekly backups
Cloud hosting by dcensy

Cloud hosting

Web hosting accounts based on cloud infrastructure.

  • check_circlePowered by LiteSpeed Enterprise web server
  • check_circleDirectAdmin control panel
  • check_circleInstallatron web app installer
  • check_circleNVMe storage
  • check_circleDaily backups

Features and pricing

Shared 2GB
Shared 5GB
Members' price0.000.89
Cloud 2GB
Cloud 5GB
Members' price0.891.49


Data centers' location
Both shared web hosting and cloud hosting are provided from data centers located in Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt and Nuremberg).

Below are displayed an average web hosting server response times to PING requests, while accessing them from different locations across Europe, according to our tests. Please consider, that network latency is higly dependent on network packet routing and given values may be different in specific cases.

  • Austria, Vienna <20ms
  • Belarus, Minsk <35ms
  • Belgium, Brussels <20ms
  • Czech Republic, Prague <20ms
  • Croatia, Zagreb <25ms
  • France, Paris <20ms
  • Germany, all regions <20ms
  • Hungary, Budapest <30ms
  • Ireland, Dublin <35ms
  • Italy, Milan <25ms
  • Lithuania, Vilnius <30ms
  • Netherlands, Amsterdam <20ms
  • Poland, Warsaw <30ms
  • Slovakia, Bratislava <25ms
  • Slovenia, Ljubljana <25ms
  • Switzerland, Bern <25ms
  • Ukraine, Lviv <30ms
  • Ukraine, Kiev <40ms
  • United Kingdom, London <30ms
Upgrade and downgrade
Membership grants access to one web hosting plan of each type (four hosting plans can be active simultaneously), so if you are using a free plan, you can upgrade to paid plan or just order paid plan as new service, if it is not already active. Downgrade is possible if lower tier plan is not active at the time and resources (disk space, number of domains etc) allow to accomplish downgrade.
In case you've used up all the dedicated bandwidth, connection speed may be throttled, but we allow some tolerances. Exceeding storage limits may lead to suspension of specific web hosting plan. If you need more resources, please consider our managed cloud servers or reach out to us for custom web hosting solution.
Our web hosting services are not adapted for sending emails in great amounts (e.g. transactional or marketing emails).
Pricing is monthly, in €, ex VAT. Billing is annual.
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